Family Vacation

Family games are a great way to spend the nights, or days. It can be really fun to gather your family and spend time with your loved ones. It is also an inexpensive and interesting activity for when it’s raining and the kids are restless. Try this game during your next family vacation on Pender Island.

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Family Vacation

This is the perfect card game for your family vacation! The only “war” to happen is during the game as the players are busy trying to win each other’s cards.

It’s usually played by kids, who love this simple game that requires no strategy. It can be a long game where the luckiest one will be the winner. Also great for when you want a break and keep your kids busy on your family vacation. Continue reading

Okanagan Flyboard

Okanagan Flyboard

Soar over Okanagan Lake with a flyboard, a type of water jetpack/hover board, and get to know the newest water sport known as flyboarding.

You will fly up to 12 meters in the air with a flyboard attached to a jet ski through a hose that powerfully shoots water from beneath the board, creating enough power to send flyboarders skyrocketing. Continue reading